From the idea to the prototype

Every single  piece is created and fully developed in our premises  keeping in mind our mission: 100% made in Italy.

The idea starts from our customer’s requests, it is then graphically developed  in a visible form and reproposed  to the customer with different specifics. Once the best solution has been chosen a prototype is carried out  in order to provide the customer with the real idea of the finished product. Should it be necessary, a pilot mould can also be realized so as to test colours and fragrances.

The entire designing cycle, from the graphic development to the pilot mould is controlled by graphics and skilled technicians.

From prototype to the finished product

Once the final sample has been approved, it is followed by the mould production.

The moulded product is then subjected to different finishing and assembling operations until it is packed and shipped.

While the production is taking place, it is kept under strict control by the qualified staff and by the quality control department as well.

Every processing step is performed within CTP’s premises  – from the conception of the design and the careful selection of the materials to the accurate moulding process which is  carried out in our mechanical workshop – thus allowing the Company to perform a careful quality control as well as provinding the customer the possibility to supervise the various production stages.