CTP Srl accomplished the audit of the management system according to EN ISO 9001:2015. Evaluation and certification are done by EUROCERTIFICATIONS Srl, Italy partner TÜV HESSEN.

The certification covers all the CTP Srl business processes, like design and mold creation, production and packaging of the finished item, the company focused on continuous improvements of processes and products.

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CTP is IFS HPC version 2 certified


CTP achieved the IFS HPC version 2 certification, which aims to ensure that all these products/processes do not lead to consumer safety hazards:

  • scented items for small spaces and cars;
  • food contact plastic promotional items.

The standard provides for risk management, ensuring that the products do not pose any danger to the health and/or safety of consumers; it covers many requirements of ISO 22716 (GMP for cosmetics); customer specifications must be met, traceability is the basis, and the management of any crisis.

It is an annual audit, so depending on the reported non-conformities, every year the company has the task to prepare an effective and effective action plan that will be evaluated during the audit.

Click here to download the certificate. Contact us directly at qualita@ctp-srl.it to learn more about the audit.

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Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit


CTP Srl never stopped, and fixed new audits and certifications.

Infact, the company is focused on social issues and ethical and environmental production processes standards. CTP Srl reniewed SMETA (Sedex Member Ethical Trade Audit)  IV Pillar in June 2018.

The company accomplished other audits directly with customers; these audits aren’t published because of confidentiality, but they are available on request.

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(second life plastic)


CTP Srl, in addition to being an IPPR member (institute for the promotion of recycled plastics), has obtained the PSV certification.

The PSV certification certifies and enhances the quality of the recycled plastic and guarantees the traceability of the recycled materials, in compliance with the ISO 14021 standards.

The PSV brand can be used depending on the origin of the material or the use of the certified material or product; specifically, these are: materials or manufactured articles obtained by injection molding using from 30 to 100% of polymers derived from waste from separate collection or other post-consumer circuits.

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