CTP S.r.l. is certificated IFS HPC version 2

CTP is very proud  to hace achived this certification:
the IFS HPC is a standard for auditing safe and quality products and to ensure that products do not represent any hazards for the safety of consumers.

It is a really important international authentication that is achived when the manufacturing is safe, compliant to the standard and quality of the world market.

The IFS HPC benefits are:

  • The core of this Standard is the Risk Management, which allow companies to demonstrate that their products do not represent any hazards for health and/or safety of consumers.
  • IFS HPC standard covers most requirements of the ISO 22716 (GMP for Cosmetics)
  • HPC audit focuses on checking risk management, customer specifications, traceability, and crisis management among other parameters.
  • The customers’ specifications are fulfilled.
It is an annual audit, CTP is going to renew every year to improve itself and offer the best products to its customers.

Here is the link to see CTP’s certifications