Custom tailoring

Custom tailoring a piece is not just technology but a main strength.

It takes place at different levels: the shaping, the logo printing, and the packaging. The logo on the product can be: engraved, pad-printed or silk-screen printed. The engraving is directly carried out onto the mould in process. The maximum four colour pad printing is carried out onto an uneven dimension surface even if small. The silk-screen printing takes place either on flat or cylindrical surfaces even if the dimensions are wide.

IML Technology

The IML (In-Mould Labeling) consists on the application of a plastic sheet been directly printed on the piece during the moulding injection phase. This technique results into  a clear and well defined printing been totally embedded in the final piece avoiding therefore any removal possibilities.

Further studies have led CTP to use special “labels” which add a protective layer to the printing saving it from any external contact and obtaining two results: to maintain the logo printing unaltered over the time, and most of all, to grant the highest level of protection concerning food contact.


Methacrylate, polypropylene, polystyrene, abs and thermoplastic rubber.

The softness or hardness of the product, its use, and its destination are all fondamental keys to choose the adequate type of plastic. Thanks to a thorough knowledge thorough-out the plastic industry, CTP is ready to guide you while selecting the most suitable materials you may need, and to grant you  a great quality-price ratio as well.


Printed, tumbled, polished. The effects that can be achieved on plastic materials are very many. Here is the methacrylate transparency, its similar to glass, but without its fragility.


Solid colours, jelly and transparent ones. Different colours can be printed also if starting from a reference sample. Colour pallettes are available at the Company.


Looks like amber, coral, jade, it is plastic though. Thanks to its expertise CTP is capable of printing so fine plastic materials, so as not to envy hard stone, and offering much lower costs.

The perfection of a jewel depends on the materials adopted and the expertise of the manufacturer.

Olfactory Marketing

The scent is an additional element to make your gadgets unique and customised. It is possible to choose a fragrance from the Company’s scent sample case  or either to use a personal perfume.

The characteristic of these pieces consists in adding the scent directly into the raw material by means of a mechanical process, in this way the scent will not only be superficially smelt but it will be slowly released in the time.

Soft plastic gadgets may perfume houses, cars and people.