CTP originates  from – Castle Plastic Product –


The Company was founded in 1978 as CTP Snc by the Pagani siblings: Piera, Margherita, Carlo, Battista and Paolo.

The former 800 sq. m. plant, was located in Castelli Calepio, Bergamo, and it consisted of a moulding department, a moulding mechanical workshop and three finishing departments such as tumbling, dyeing and varnishing.

CTP‘s main activity at first was the creation of clothing plastic accessories, specializing in the following years in the production of specific fashionable jewelery.

CTP’s work was at once highlighted due to its seriousness and the commitment shown in the production of high quality and aesthetics accessories, leading  the Company to a great operational phase development.



The market expansion in 1985, pushed by the steady growth in sales in Italy, Europe and The United States, motivated the Company to transfer to a new 4,500 sq. m. facility located in Grumello del Monte (BG), where it is still operating, and to change in 1994, from CTP S.n.c. to CTP S.p.a.

Being the Company constantly looking forward to new markets, its production range expanded with the  production of hard and soft plastic promotional accessories, achieving very positive results and a constant development.

Following years of research, studies, and experiments carried out in the first decade of the new  century, CTP S.p.a. started to manufacture fragrant plastic products proving its remarkable creative characterisitc while expanding furthermore its business.

In order to optimize its internal management, due to  a generational passage from father to son in the ownership as in the management,  CTP S.p.a. became CTP S.r.l. in June 2012, keeping  therefore,  its  know-how, its expertise and the solidity acquired since been set up to which has been added the dynamism and freshness of the new generation; a combination that will allow the Company to continue being competitive in the market.

Our Code of Ethics


CTP S.r.l., which is active in the promotional plastic and perfumed rubber sector, has always inspired its business based on ethical integrity principles and considers it appropriate to provide the company with a code that collects these values and established principles and rules of conduct in which management, employees, customers, suppliers, external collaborators and any person who cooperates with us must comply with.

The Code of Ethics therefore gathers the principles and general rules of conduct that need to be observed in order to guarantee the proper functioning, reliability and reputation of CTP S.r.l.

Moreover, CTP S.r.l. adopts a restrictive measure on all chemicals with high levels of danger, with the aim of reducing environmental impact and protecting the health of workers and consumers. In this regard, see Annex 1 “Notification of dangerous substances and/or mixtures”.

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