We have invested considerable resources to automate and digitise our production, in order to create optimal working conditions, increase productivity and to improve the quality of our products.

New injection moulding presses to accommodate moulds weighing up to 350 tons, in mono and bi-material, powered by electricity for lower consumption and greater cleanliness

Six electric axes robot for the automatic extraction of the pieces from the machine, the separation of waste, the application of the IML and a vision system for quality control

Two new software for managing articles, moulds, warehouse, orders and product sheets, handling of materials and semi-finished products, planning and management of productions, of the perfumed blends laboratory and traceability of all productions and checks carried out

Tablets and printers on board each machine for the management of the production stages, quality control and package traceability

Air transport of raw materials in order to reduce the risk of contamination, especially in food production

Three- and five-axis processing centres inside the mechanical workshop for greater precision when creating the moulds

Two Stratasys® quick prototyping machines: one with resin and the other with FDM technology, which produce samples in a few hours by simulating hard plastics (polypropylene) and scented rubber (EVA), to allow the customer to touch its own project

Automated warehouse with 1,300 pallet slots, for the management of semi-finished and finished products, without the need for operators to physically move the daily loads and unloads


In terms of innovation, we have been proudly defining ourselves, since 2019, as a 4.0
industry, thanks to the introduction of new technologies that allow us to have
all the relevant information about the product in real time.

As far as investments in the research and testing of new materials are concerned, we have tested the following:

  • materials of organic origin, coming from sources such as coffee, cereals, wood and fibres;
  • recycled materials from flasks, bottles, cups and coffee stirrers.

For further information, entrust our sales engineers who will be able to provide you with tailor-made advice in the name of courtesy and professionalism.