From 1979 to 1985

At first, we did CRAFT WORK for clothing accessories FINISHING. We manufactured: special spraying on buttons and plates for belts, application of decals and hand-painted details (smilies).

Following the purchase of a couple of small injection machines, we started the production of accessories, such as belt plates with enamel and decals. The relationship established with stylist Elio Fiorucci allowed us to create a collection of POP PINS and BELTS. Then, simple decorations were joined by the production of articles.

From 1986 to 1990

With the new TUMBLING department, we have improved the quality of the plastic produced, making the articles more and more similar to semi-precious stones. The CREATION phase of new models and complete collections of costume jewellery is fundamental. We were the first to produce plastic STRASS directly in the machine: another important innovation. 

We entered the Milan trade fair sector, an opportunity that enabled us to meet international clients. For them, we started the production of items in VEINED plastic, which perfectly imitates semi-precious stones.

From 1991 to 1994

The turning point came when we were included in the promotional world; we associated ourselves with magazines such as Gioia and Grazia and the production became more and more considerable.

The nineties were characterised by the production of plastic fashion accessories in the shape of a pacifier. 

We produced promotional items for companies such as Disney and Ferrero, becoming more and more established in this sector, especially in the food and cosmetic sectors.

From 1995 to 1997

To try to meet the needs of all consumers, we studied a clip for earrings made entirely of plastic, in order to avoid allergy problems due to contact with metal.

These years also saw the start of an important collaboration with Coca Cola Italia, for which we developed a line of accessories and costume jewellery.

From 1998 to 2001

While at an exhibition, we were contacted by H&M to produce costume jewellery in imitation hard stone (veined) destined for its numerous stores located all over the world.

Our sensitivity towards the environment and pollution lead us to study and test new materials such as PET and ecoallene; we also started to manufacture items meant to get in contact with food and items for the beauty world.

The transition from the lira to the Euro prompted us to think of a solution to manage this new currency; therefore, we developed the first “made in Italy” Euro coin holder.

From 2005 to 2011

This is the period dedicated to the experimentation of scented plastic. 

The first collaborations are with the companies Millefiori Milano and Estée Lauder, respectively for car fragrances and cosmetic fragrances. 

In the promotional area, we specialised in IML technology. 

The POP (point of purchase) market demand lead us to go beyond our dimensional limits in the production of rhinestones by managing panels with silver foil and displays of dimensions up to 50 cm.

Our production was further refined thanks to the requests arriving from great Italian brands.

From 2020 to today

These have been apparently more difficult years due to the pandemic, but instead they have recorded a constant increase in the optimisation of the production of scented plastic.

In the promotional sector, the research and experimentation of ECO-SUSTAINABLE plastics becomes fundamental.

For us, innovation is also and above all synonymous with sustainability. An attitude that in practice translates into cutting-edge technology, research and experimentation and with a real method. In fact, thanks to the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) method, we are able to reconstruct the phases that characterise the life cycle of the product and to calculate the impact in terms of CO2 emissions for each one. 

Our sustainable vision guarantees the daily commitment to reduce our environmental impact, from production to packaging. In addition to following a real Energy Management path, we choose to use local resources to also reduce the effects of transport.


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