Plasticrequires less energy to produce, consumes less water and is lighter to transport.Plasticis also a useful material that offers unrivalled functionality at low cost.
“Garbage is a great resource in the wrong place where someone’s imagination is missing to be recycled for everyone’s benefit.”

Imagine a polluted beach. What is the first material to which you point your finger? The plastic. However, this is not the answer that CTP would give by aligning itself with the speech in favor of plastic by Kim Ragaert, professor of the Center of Polymer and Material Technologies of the University of Ghent (Belgium).

Here are some observations extracted from the speech by Kim Ragaert (link to the complete video

“We think of the plastic waste abandoned on the beaches and in the oceans, it’s terrible; but can we blame the material (plastic) for this? Research shows that over 80% of waste is intentional and caused by individuals. “

“Don’t fight blindly against plastic just because plastic is the most visible waste. Realize that plastic is a functional and valuable resource that we must maintain in the material cycle. “

“We consumers can drive the market towards sustainability”

“The negative reputation of plastic is due only to a popular belief”